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Image Gallery HTML/CSS Template Wanted

Looking for a gallery template

Dear lazyweb, I'm writing a simple web viewer for images maintained by KPhotoAlbum. It is not supposed to be Yet Another Web Gallery Software, this piece is going to focus on users of KPhotoAlbum who just want to share a subset of their pictures on the web. The goal is to be able to publish all images which are supposed to be on the web with just one click, and display/use all custom tags et cetera.

The problem is that I suck at HTML/CSS, and therefore I do my best in avoiding designing pages. This is kind of difficult when writing a web application, though :(.

Therefore, I'm looking for a skilled HTML/CSS coder/artist who can provide a nice template. I'm looking for something really cool and shiny like rajce.net. There's no need to deal with Lightbox-like stuff, this part of the problem has been already solved. I still need some nice HTML/CSS bits for two pages: the list of albums and the thumbnail view (links randomly picked up from the list of albums they host)

Anyone skilled in HTML/CSS stuff who's willing to be listed in bold letters as a prime contributor to the project is encouraged to sent these templates to my mail. All templates should be under a reasonable license which allows both further distribution and some customization. It shouldn't prohibit its usage by professional photographs who will use this tool as a service to their customers, but prohibiting selling modified versions of your work is of course acceptable.

If being famous among KPhotoAlbum users and all people visiting the generated galleries is not enough for you, I'm willing to buy you a beer if you come to Prague or if we meet each other. And that's a nice deal, isn't it?

Got a comment? Feel free to mail them to me!
Tags: gentoo, kde.