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KPhotoAlbum Development Sprint: Part 1

As you might already know from the news item at the KPA website, I'm currently sitting behind a table in a wonderful country of Denmark. I'm not sitting there alone, though, because we're having a small KPhotoAlbum development sprint right now. Jesper, the main author, was so kind to invite us to his home, the KDE e.V. paid the flight tickets, so all we have to pay is just the barrels of beer and the T-shirts. And that's an investment a typical developer makes with pleasure :).

So far we have made just 17 commits, but there's a lot of talk going here (hi Tuomas :p). For exmaple, the SQL backend is getting closer and closer to being completely ready, the support for multiple cores is shaping up (and you won't see that annoying flickering anymore) and we even have a cute, transparent infobox which looks really sexy.

Right now, I'm working on a reworked EXIF/IPTC/XMP import/export thingy, which would essentially allow you to customize how KPhotoAlbum imports the metadata from the images, and also to store these data back to the files for increased interoperability and stuff like that. So I'll be finally able to share all the captions and tags with a friend of mine who's using XnView. This feature was already present in the 3.1.0 version, but the GUI for it was, well, not really intuitive. I'm converting it to Kross, the KDE scripting environment.

As I brought a GPS device some time ago, one can also expect some efforts for integration with Marble. There's also a whiteboard full of interesting ideas which I won't mention here.

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